My professional home inspection is a visual, objective, unbiased examination of your new home. My inspection is designed to help you determine if there are any major defects in the property.

Everyone investing their hard earned money in a home!

How do you know if all the components of the property are functioning properly without being professional inspected? Many of our new home inspections are requested by clients who have already experienced "new home problems" on previous new home purchases and understand the value on new home inspections.

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Regis A. Kurtz
Founder and President

• NC Home Inspector #116

• Over 37 years experience.

• A member of ASHI # 115903

• You work 7 days, I work 7 days.

• I have inspected nearly 6,000 houses.

• Licensed general contractor # 34354

• A free 280 page homeowner’s manual with every inspection.

•Inspection report emailed to you and/or your realtor the same evening

• Our summary report includes many digital photos to help explain the issues    noted in the report.

•Licensed Realtor # 176407 (for the ability to have legal access to the property    combination to expedite the inspection process)

People living in new homes should have them inspected before they buy and before their warranty expires to evaluate the property for any necessary repairs that may be required.

A house is always changing, due to the elements of nature and the elements of time. Every year thousands of people who purchase existing houses discover too late they should have had their home professionally inspected before they close.

I’ll inspect your home as if I were buying it myself!
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